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Accreditation Strand #6
Documenting Resources & Systems

Personnel, material, and financial concerns

  1. The school allocates sufficient material, personnel, and financial resources to implement, support, and achieve its mission, vision, and comprehensive plan for continuous school effectiveness and improvement. The school employs and assigns administrative, instructional, and support staff who are qualified for their assignments, and provides professional development programs to improve their effectiveness. The school complies with applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations.


    1. The school complies with all national, state, and local laws for health, safety, sanitation, and background screening in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

      Explanatory Standards 6.1.1–15: School Complies with Health, Safety, and Sanitation Laws

    2. The school employs, assigns, mentors, and monitors quality instructional, administrative, and support staff capable by training and experience of fulfilling their specific assigned roles and responsibilities.

      ES 6.2.1–4: School Employs and Supervises Appropriate Staff

    3. The school engages all professional staff in a program of continuous professional development.

      ES 6.3.1–2: School Engages Staff in Continuous Professional Development

    4. The school provides sufficient staff in number to meet the mission, vision and purpose of the school.

      ES 6.4.1–3: School Provides Sufficient Staff

    5. The school budgets and raises sufficient financial resources to enable the ongoing implementation of the mission, vision and purpose of the school, and its improvement plan. [Note: While specific items from time to time will have to be delayed or modified due to the absence of sufficient resources, normally the budget of the school should reflect the importance and priority of the School Effectiveness and Improvement Plan (SESIP) by assigning sufficient funds to achieve its accomplishment.]

      ES 6.5.1–5: School Budgets and Raises Sufficient Financial Resources

    6. The school provides protection for board members through directors and operators insurance, and school personnel through adequate liability insurance.

    7. The school conducts all financial transactions within CSF’s suggested best practices audited accounting system, including an annual financial report reviewed by a licensed CPA using one of required monitoring methods. The CPA may not be a member of the faculty, staff, or governing board of the school.

      ES 6.7.1–3: School Conducts Financial Transactions within Best Practices

    8. The school utilizes a written emergency action/security plan with periodic training of all personnel and students and with regularly scheduled practice drills.

    9. The school maintains a secure, accurate, and complete student record system that guards against unauthorized manipulation of data, and complies with institutional, state, and federal policies and regulations; the student record system is housed in a secure and fire-resistant facility and/or in electronic format at a secure location off campus, and contains permanent and current records showing each child’s name, address, parent or guardian’s name(s), telephone numbers (home, work and emergency), attendance, birth certificate or notarized affidavit of birthdate, physicals and immunizations, cumulative academic progress, periodic progress reports to parents, and individual results on standardized tests.

    10. The school adheres to all legal and ethical considerations regarding the content and release of information to the public.

    11. The school shall transfer, should the school become defunct, all permanent information contained in student records to the district school superintendent of the public school district in which the private school was located; or shall transfer that information to the executive director of Christian Schools of Florida (FL Statute 1002.42).

November 2011
Last Edited January 18th, 2038

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