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Goals for CSF’s Professional Learning Catalog

Photo by Dorian Kartalovski

CSF follows six objectives and strategies in its Professional Learning Catalog (formerly Master In-Service Plan):


To train all member school administrators, peer teachers, support staff, and developing teachers in the implementation of the Professional Educators’ Competency Demonstration program.

Continuing Professional Learning education is provided in the following areas:

  • Developing professional educators’ competency
  • Developing teacher workshops, peer teacher and administrator workshops
  • Providing an ongoing program of observations within the classroom.


To annually diagnose the curriculum and training needs of the member schools of CSF.

Member schools and CSF Professional Learning Catalog (PLC) personnel diagnose new training needs through an annual diagnostic/evaluation process.


To commit local and state resources to the professional development of all personnel.

Member schools and CSF PLC personnel are involved in an ongoing program of meetings, training programs, demonstration lessons, and workshops for administrators, teachers, and staff.


To provide information and training for administrators, teachers, and staff regarding current issues in education, i.e., child abuse, state laws, changes in state and local regulations, accreditation procedures, etc.

The member schools and CSF PLC personnel offer periodic Professional Learning activities based on need.


To commit resources in research-based education, updating member schools concerning trends and innovations in education.

Pilot programs, demonstration lessons, laboratory classrooms, and “research in classroom” projects are offered.


To assist local member school staffs in their preparation for and completion of an in-depth accreditation visit.

Workshops and preliminary on-site visits are conducted during the year of self-study and prior to the scheduled accreditation visit.

Posted October 2008
Updated April 1st, 2021

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