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Member schools enjoy associate, accredited or collaborative status.

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Associate Membership

Schools seeking initially to become associate members of CSF, please complete and return the Initial Associate Membership Application located below.

Schools not accredited by an agency with which CSF has a co-accreditation agreement must first apply for associate membership.

Becoming an associate member is the first step in the accreditation process. Each not-accredited school must be an associate member for at least 2 years before it can be eligible to apply for accredited membership.

Form APP-1: Application for Associate Membership [Microsoft Word]

Accredited Membership

  • A school not accredited by an association with which CSF has a co-accreditation agreement must be an associate member of CSF in good standing for a term of two years before it is eligible to receive accreditation. During this period the school may NOT publicize itself as being a CSF accredited member.
  • During its second year of associate membership the school may apply for candidate status.
  • If the school believes that it in compliance with CSF Accreditation Standards and desires to proceed with the accreditation process, a CSF Application for Accreditation must be completed and sent to the Executive Director of CSF.
  • If the application is acceptable, a peer review team chairperson appointed by the executive director will conduct an on-site visit to further confirm the school’s readiness to proceed with the entire evaluation process. If the chairperson determines readiness, the school will be granted the status of candidacy for accreditation.
  • Upon candidacy the CSF chairperson will guide the school through the accrediting process in preparation for a Peer Review Team visit.
  • A Peer Review Team will be appointed by the team chairperson and the Peer Review Team will conduct an initial two-day visit to the school to verify compliance with the accreditation standards.

Form APP-2: Application for Accreditation Membership

Collaborative Membership

Christian Schools of Florida offers accreditation for schools seeking co-accredited membership and carrying prior accredited membership from a NCPSA or FAANS member organization, or holds current accredited status with Christian Schools International, Middle States, or AdvancEd.

Co-accreditation does not require a two-year associate membership but is usually effective upon approval by the Directors following their meetings in September, January, and April of each year.

Form APP-4: Co Accreditation Application for Schools Holding FAANS, NCPSA, or AdvancEd accreditation

If logged in, please access CSF’s Bylaws for more information on reciprocal and collaborative accreditation.

Posted December 2011
Updated February 8th, 2017

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