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Cambridge Christian School

Cambridge Christian School was founded in 1964. For nearly 50 years, the school’s mission is to provide excellence in academics, athletics and fine arts for the good of our students and the glory of God. We desire to reflect the excellence of Christ in all things. Our goal is to offer an education second to none, and to do it all through the lens of a Biblical worldview. Our curriculum and methods will be current, and students receive a 21st Century education that prepares them for a digital and global economy and directs them to pursue their God-ordained place in it.

CCS is blessed with incredibly gifted and passionate teachers and administration who model a godly life for our students, love our students, and desire to know our students beyond the classroom. We value relationships. At CCS, you will encounter an environment where rigorous academics and high achievement are valued, but where a balance is created by intentional relationships between staff, parents and students.

Staff & Students

School Head
Shawn Minks

Full-time Faculty & Administration

Part-time Faculty & Administration

Support Staff


Part-Day Early Childhood 0

Full-Day Early Childhood 27

K3-K4 40

K5 32

Grades 1-5 160

Grades 6-8 124

Grades 9-12 255

Enrollment totals include
these special programs:

McKay Students 27

Fla Corporate Tax Students 89

School’s Job Opportunities

Early Childhood Director

Reporting to the Lower School Principal and working a 12-month year, the Early Childhood Director supervises the Early Childhood Department (3 months – Kindergarten) and the Extended Day Program.


  • Motivates others to accept God’s gift of salvation and grow in their faith
  • Follows the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with students, parents, staff and administration
  • Leads others to a realization of their worth in Christ and cultivates their growth in Christ-like character
  • Models in attitude, speech, and action a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ
  • Subscribes to and promotes the statement of faith

Provides spiritual and professional leadership to the faculty, staff and school parents:

  • Role-model for Christian behavior and personal growth
  • Directs the planning and implementation of devotions and chapel services
  • Monitors all contractual requirements, spiritual and professional, of faculty/staff members
  • Responds to guidance and counseling needs of faculty/staff members, parents and students
  • Communicates the school’s educational goals and mission to faculty/staff/parents and monitors their attainment

Maintains a highly qualified faculty/staff through recruitment, training and performance evaluation

Oversees all aspects of the daily operation of the Early Childhood department

Maintains good communication with the Early Childhood parents through personal contact, phone calls, and written notices providing information and promoting a positive school image

Maintains all DCF regulations, safety/health standards and procedures

Supervises curriculum development implementation and daily instruction relative to the school’s goals and objectives and the requirements of the Department of Early Childhood Education

Monitors student social, emotional, and academic educational growth

Maintains all standards required for accreditation by all current accrediting bodies

Enforces all School Board policies and additional regulations/procedures such as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook and other governing documents

Attends Lower School faculty meetings

Schedules EC team meetings and summer training for Little Lambs teachers

Schedules all extra-curricular programs/activities, special classes, lunch periods, etc. in coordination with the Lower School Assistant Principal and Lower School schedules

Purchases all classroom instructional materials and equipment and approves all other requests for expenditures

Conducts semi-annual performance reviews for EC faculty and staff

Monitors staff training requirements, personnel files, and daily performance including HRS screening and training, CPR/first aid requirements, lesson planning and student supervision

Counsels and disciplines the students in partnership with parents accordingly

Communicates regularly with the Early Childhood faculty and staff

Assists in hiring and firing of Early Childhood faculty and staff

Assists with any other duties assigned by the Lower School Principal

Directs the Extended Day Program:

  • Delegates responsibilities/duties to faculty and staff members
  • Keeps abreast of current educational practices and attends professional conferences/workshops
  • Safety/health standards and procedures
  • Staff training requirements
  • Plans and schedules all activities of the Extended Day program including school days, vacation days and summer program
  • Information about Extended Day program communicated through website, e-blast and/or a hard copy
  • Purchases all necessary materials, supplies, equipment, and refreshments periodically
  • Monitors staff training requirements, personnel files, and daily performance including HRS screening and training, CPR/first aide requirements, lesson planning and student supervision
  • Maintains communication with the Extended Day parents through personal contact, phone calls, and written notices providing information and promoting a positive school image
  • Maintains all DCF regulations
  • Assumes all responsibilities delegated by the Lower School Principal to coordinate the Extended Day program


  • Minimum 5 years teaching experience
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise, communicate and delegate to adults and children
  • A Christian who is a member of good standing and actively serving in a Bible-believing church
  • Teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education
  • Director’s Credential


To be determined

Pam Ruiz .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Full-time NILD Educational Therapist

Cambridge is a thriving Christian School with approximately 650 students. We have been serving families in the Tampa area for more than 50 years. NILD Educational Therapy began here in the fall of 2015. We currently service 26 students in grades 2–12.


  • Level-I trained and a minimum of a B.A./B.S.
  • Experience in the classroom is also desired

Please visit our website at and if interested, please fill out the instructional staff application and submit it for review .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
6101 N. Habana Avenue
Tampa, FL 33614
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone: (813) 872-6744
Fax: (813) 872-6013

December 2006
Last updated April 24th, 2017

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