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More STEM at Cambridge Christian

With STEM growing to an estimated 9 million jobs by 2022, Cambridge Christian School’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics program is integrated from kindergarten.

Photo by Daniel Josef

By Marty Premer December 2019

According to experts’ estimates, by 2022 there will be some 9 million jobs in STEM industries. At Cambridge Christian School our efforts therefore do not lie solely with our 7-to-12th-grade students; rather, teachers across all grade levels from K to 12 collaborate on integrating STEM skills within all subjects. We want students to undertake activities that develop their critical thinking skills, engage and capture their interest, and spark their curiosity. Students are encouraged to undertake hands-on projects, enabling them to demonstrate real-world applications of what they are learning.

For the 2019/20 school year, Cambridge is pleased to welcome new STEM teachers Mary Saville and Honoria Nadeau. Mrs. Saville is teaching AP Computer Science and the newly-developed Coding and Applications Design classes; and she is working with Middle School students in the MS STEM and Robotics classes. Mrs. Nadeau is spearheading the creation of this year’s yearbook along with teaching Digital Design and MS Technology classes.

This year we are pleased to offer students several new STEM elective courses in the fields of genetics, computer coding, and applications design. These electives blend seamlessly with our existing overall curricular program.

And this year we are also incorporating the emerging technologies of virtual and augmented reality.

At Cambridge we want to inspire all our students to see themselves as active contributors to the development of STEM applications and innovations. Our STEM education program aims to create lifelong learners who realize their full potential in fields they perhaps don’t yet know of or might not yet have considered but become excited to embrace.

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