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Florida State Board of Education Rules

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6A-4.0051, FAC: Renewal of a Professional Educator’s Certificate beginning July 1, 1988.

  • Defines a professional certificate, and the requirements to receive an active certificate
  • Defines requirements for renewal procedure via college credit, in-service training, subject area tests, and summer work program
  • Provides information on inactive status of professional certificates and requirements for certificate renewal
  • Describes procedures for retention of certification of one or more coverage’s
  • Describes general requirements including validity periods, submission or application, approval procedure by superintendent, and special provisions for extensions.

View Rule 6A-4.0051 at the Florida Department of State website.

6A-5.053, FAC: Relationship Between Teacher Education and Teacher Certification

  • Describes the process and purpose of teacher certification and compares certification requirements with teacher education programs
  • Provides that candidates who complete approved in-service programs shall be eligible for certification renewal, and addition of subjects to certificates.

6A-5.061, FAC: Procedures for Approving Preservice and In-service Teacher Education Programs

Section (2):

  • Describes the procedures for initial approval and continuation of approval of in-service teacher education programs
  • Describes procedures for program modifications; and describes procedures for making program modification and annual reports to the Department.

Section (2)(a) describes criteria for Section II of the Master In-service Plan.

6A-5.071, FAC: Professional Learning Catalog

  • Describes the Professional Learning Catalog (formerly Master In-service Plan) including the contents, format, approval process, and updating procedures.
  • Describes the requirements for a component; how to convert college credit to inservice points; what constitutes in-field and out-of-field components; the minimum length of a component; and evaluation requirements.
  • Provides the requirements and procedures for record keeping, component and participant files and reports.

View Rule 6A-5.071.

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