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Accreditation Strand #3
Leadership & Governance

Structure, policies, procedures and practices

  1. The school provides godly leadership and governance that promote student performance and school effectiveness within its mission and vision perspectives.

    The school has a clearly defined governance structure that adheres to recognized best governance practices allowing the leaders to advocate for and guard the school’s mission and vision, for the school head and professional staff to operate with sufficient freedom towards those ends, and for the school’s continued efforts towards effectiveness and improvement. Leaders provide clear direction and allocate sufficient human, material, and financial resources necessary to carry out high quality instruction and support programs. Leaders encourage collaboration among stakeholders/ministry partners and provide avenues to support the program with financial gifts and prayer.

    The school’s policies, procedures, practices, and organizational structure ensure equity of learning opportunities for all students admitted into the school and support for ongoing innovation and improvement.


    1. The school is incorporated as an independent Christian school or a ministry of a Bible-based church guided by Reformed/transformational beliefs, with a written constitution and bylaws containing adoption/incorporation dates.

      Suggested artifacts Articles of Incorporation School’s Constitution/ByLaws
    2. The school is an independent early childhood or day school, offering a quality academic program in Christian education with written curriculum guides for all age/grade levels, and is not an independent day care center, home school association, or boarding school.

      Suggested artifacts School’s Curriculum Guide School Website Presentation of School’s Profile Public Relations Pieces
    3. The school recognizes and preserves by policy and practice the executive, administrative, and leadership perogatives and functions of the administrative head of the school.

      Suggested artifacts Board Policy Manual Governance flowchart
    4. The school ensures compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, standards, and regulations.

      Some suggested artifacts ADA Policy Non-Discriminatory Statement Non-Harassment Policy
    5. The school maintains a reviewed and up-to-date policy manual and a separate record of all board minutes.

      Suggested artifacts Board Policy Manual Evidence of Board Policy Review/Minutes Board Minutes
    6. The school adheres to the policies and processes contained in the policy manual for recruiting, nominating, electing, selecting officers, and establishing spiritual qualifications and duties of all candidates, nominees, and current board members.

      Suggested artifact Board Qualifications and Selection Process
    7. The school operates under a governing board that establishes written policies and procedures within a constitution, bylaws, and board manual that provide for the effective operation of the school.

      Suggested artifacts Board Policy Manual Board Minutes Board Committees Clearly Defined Church/Board Relationship Evidence of Board Involvement in Strategic Planning
      1. The board utilizes a process for strategic and master planning to address the present and future needs of the school.

        Suggested artifact School’s Strategic Master Plan
    8. The school has a written organizational plan of leadership that articulates the responsibilities, accountabilities, and reporting systems from one level of leadership to the other.

      Suggested artifact Governance flowchart
    9. The school board employs a process to maintain a strong, open, mutually honoring relationship with the school head and annually conducts a formal, written evaluation of her/his performance.

      Suggested artifact Annual Written Evaluation of School Head / Chief Administrator
    10. The school employs a process to maintain good communication and mutual respect between the board, the administration, the faculty and staff, the parents, the students, and all other ministry partners/stakeholders.

      Suggested artifact Interviews with appropriate stakeholders
    11. The school, if church-operated or affiliated, defines and maintains a strong, open relationship with the governing body of the local church, and works to maintain a similar relationship between the senior minister and the school head.

      Suggested artifacts Governance flowchart Evidence of school head / pastor relationship
    12. The proprietary school must comply with all Leadership and Governance standards with some modifications.

      Explanatory Standards 3.12.1–5: Proprietary School Compliance

      Suggested artifacts (should comply with Explanatory Standards 3.12.1–5) Proprietary School Policy Manual Proprietary School Constitution/ByLaws Proprietary School Articles of Incorporation Governance flowchart Annual written evaluation by proprietor of chief administrative officer Stakeholder Survey
    13. The school fosters a learning community.

      Suggested artifacts Faculty meeting agendas/minutes Evidence of grade-level sharing Evidence of mentoring processes Evidence of new teacher orientation
    14. The school exemplifies a servant spirit exercised through high quality spiritual, professional leadership.

      Suggested artifacts Evidence of training in or application of Transformational Education Student service opportunities Mission trips
    15. The school provides teachers and students opportunities to lead and to innovate.

      Suggested artifacts Evidence of student leadership Student Council agendas/minutes Evidence of teacher initiatives Faculty meeting agendas/minutes
    16. The school provides stakeholders/ministry partners meaningful roles in the decision-making process that promote a culture of participation, responsibility, and ownership.

      Suggested artifacts Parent/Teacher Association Meetings and Minutes Evidence of Board Committee Work Evidence of Community Involvement
    17. The school controls all business, financial, curricular, extracurricular and support activities that are sponsored by the school.

      Suggested artifact Governance flowchart

November 2011
Last Edited May 13th, 2021

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