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Non-public schools to receive more national emergency assistance

The Federal Government has allocated $213m in emergency services / relief funds for Florida’s non-public schools, to be released under an expedited timeline.

Photo by Joshua Suroff

By FAANS January 2021

The Federal Government has allocated $213 million in emergency services / relief funds for Florida’s nonpublic schools. This “Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools” or EANS round of COVID-19 relief is different because it is flowing through the FLDOE but not any SFO (such as Step Up for Students).

The funds will be released under an expedited timeline; after the State receives the federal funds, officials will only have 30 days to apply for services available to non-public schools (see items B-2, B-5 and C-4 of the linked document). The funds will be for non-profit schools only.

The Florida EANS application was filed Thursday and approved Friday. The FLDOE is moving quickly to create an application for schools as described above. Schools and stakeholders need to know that they can either apply for EANS or the Paycheck Protection Program but not both.

Schools will be allowed to submit an application as a group of schools and/or allowed to pool funds with other schools; see C-3 in “Frequently Asked Questions: Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) Program” [PDF document] about “an organization with governing authority”.

The most current information for EANS is at “Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools” on the web site of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the Department of Education.

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