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Accreditation Standard #6.3
School Engages Staff in Continuous Professional Development

The school engages all professional staff in a program of continuous professional development.

Explanatory Standards (ES)

    * Required
    1. Classroom Teacher and Instructional Administrator PD Requirements

      All classroom teachers and instructional administrators engage in professional development, meeting the equivalent of 120 inservice points/hours every five years of employment in one of the following ways:

      • earn six (6) semester credit hours
      • earn three (3) semester credit hours and sixty (60) in-service hours
      • complete one hundred and twenty (120) inservice hours.
        The FLDOE considers the successful completion of Subject Area Exams (SAE) as fulfillment of inservice points. See for further information.

      Artifact Anonymized staff inservice record sample
    2. PD Approval and Documentation

      In-service hours must be approved and documented by the school head or academic principal and kept in the personnel files of the school or on the CSF online Master Inservice Program (MIP).
 (School heads verify inservice points with the FDOE for their teachers wanting renewal of certificates by submitting the CT116 form to the FDOE.)

      Artifacts Evidence of staff professional development School’s Inservice Activities ( console)
  1. Artifacts
    * Required