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Accreditation Standard #6.8
School Maintains Physical Plant and Related Environment

The school maintains the physical plant and related fields, parking areas, and equipment to provide a safe, clean, pleasant, and orderly environment for learning and instructing, in compliance with local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Explanatory Standards (ES)

Narrative required if non-compliant with any of the following:

    * Required
    1. Free of Safety Hazards

      The school is free of hazards to safety, such as unfenced danger areas, unlit stairwells, open waterways, and unprotected propane gas tanks.

    2. Adequate Toilet Facilities

      Toilet facilities are adequate to the population, are properly ventilated and cleaned, and in compliance with applicable state and local codes.

    3. Sufficient Drinking Fountains

      Sanitary drinking fountains are provided at convenient locations and sufficient in number to meet county building codes.

    4. Sufficient and Appropriate Classroom Furniture

      Classroom furniture is sufficient in amount and appropriate for the age and size of the pupils,and is kept in good repair.

    5. Well-Equipped Dining and Kitchen Areas

      Dining and kitchen areas are well equipped and comply with county health and safety regulations.

    6. Appropriate Outdoor Play and Recreational Areas

      Outdoor play and recreational areas provide ample space and shade for a variety of activities suited to the needs of the students and meet state and local codes.

    7. Outdoor Play Equipment Is Adequate, Appropriate, and Regularly Inspected and Repaired

      Outdoor play equipment is kept in safe condition through a regular plan of inspection and repair, and is adequate in quantity and age-appropriateness for student use.

    8. Housekeeping and Maintenance

      A program for daily housekeeping and maintenance is be scheduled, practiced, and supervised, and its quality assures the health and safety of students and staff.

    9. Safe and Locked Storage of Cleaning Supllies, Chemicals, Gardening and Maintenance Tools

      All cleaning supplies, chemicals, and gardening and maintenance tools and equipment are safely stored in locked areas out of the reach and access of students.

    10. Lighting and Heating/Ventilation Meet Codes

      Lighting and heating/ventilation systems must meet county building codes.

  1. Artifacts
    * Required