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Why not continuous enrollment?

Think of all the staff hours spent processing student re-enrollment. Why not continuous enrollment until students graduate or withdraw?

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

By Ken Wackes March 2017

A number of Christian schools nationwide have introduced a new paradigm for re-enrollment: “continuous enrollment.” Similar to the process used by colleges and universities, the initial enrollment contract remains in effect until graduation or withdrawal.

Most schools have a 85% or higher annual re-enrollment. Why make parents go through the hassle every year? Think of all the staff hours spent on processing paperwork or online re-enrollment processes. Why not continuous enrollment until such time as voluntary or involuntary withdrawal?

Here are four schools to check out:

Schools using continuous enrollment commonly do the following:

  • send a letter to families, usually in January announcing tuition changes for the new year
  • distribute high-quality Annual Reports of the previous year or other PR pieces to remind families of the advantages of attending the school
  • establish a withdrawal deadline
  • charge one semester tuition or some other substantial amount for withdrawals after the deadline
  • charge no penalty for moving out of the geographic area or due to catastrophic illness
  • have an initial enrollment contract containing a description of the process.
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