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Pinewood students eclipsed!

This past August, PCA students got their chance to see the sun 90% eclipsed by the moon.

By Jason Borko January 2018

We saw God’s provision as we experienced this eclipse. First, we were able to offer appropriate eye protection for every student in the school. It is no small achievement that we were able to order 100 sets of approved glasses on eBay only one week before the event, and get them in time! We thank God for that.

Second, as the hour approached to see the eclipse, the clouds rolled in and the rain started falling. We thought, “Will all the planning and preparation be for nothing?” Yet just when it was time to go outside to see the moon cover the sun, the clouds parted and we were able to spend nearly ten minutes admiring this wondrous feat of nature before they closed up again.

It can be tough teaching our children about the supremacy of God and His awe-inspiring deeds in a “So what, I saw that YouTube” world. Yet, already this year, we have witnessed two events which demonstrated His power and His majesty: the eclipse and the hurricane. Both of these events proved how awesome God is, and how we can trust Him to take care of us.

How blessed we are here at Pinewood Christian Academy that we can talk about our great and good God with our students! We also encourage parents to not miss these opportunities to praise God with your children for demonstrating His glory and majesty to us (see Psalm 97 and Hebrews 1). We are partners, after all, educating our covenant children to be world-changers!

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