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Statewide test proposed for VPK students

The bill’s sponsors say the proposed test would help identify students’ problems before they enter school.

By LuAnne Schendel April 2019

Proposed legislation (SB 1594: Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program) would require a statewide test for students in VPK programs. So far it has received approval in the Senate Education Committee and in two House committees.

The purpose of the standardized test, according to sponsors, is to identify students’ problems before they enter school. Parents of students who participate in a VPK program would be required to have their child participate in the evaluation.

The bill would also require VPK providers to track student learning gains; VPK providers would be held responsible if their students are not ready for kindergarten.

The bill also includes requirements for the Early Learning Coalitions to provide professional development and training courses that meet specific criteria.

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