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Orangewood Christian walks for a well

Collectively, students walked the equivalent of 422 miles, raising enough money to build two wells in Ghana.

By Allyn Williams December 2017

On December 7th, 119 middle school students walked for a fresh water well for Village for Hope in Ghana, Africa. Collectively, students walked the equivalent of 422 miles. With money raised, Village for Hope will be able to build two wells.

Preceding the day, faculty instructed across subjects in order to teach our students about ministry, service, and geographical needs. Our original goal was to raise $5,000 so we could build one well. To date, we have raised $17,000!

Some fun facts:

  • We had 119 out of 122 students participate in the walk
  • Students walked laps around the football field — 1/4 mile per lap
  • Each student carried a gallon jug of water while walking
  • Our middle school students walked a grand total of 1,689 laps in 75 minutes

Way to go, Rams!

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