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New scholarship to private schools likely faces challenge

Prominent attorney Ron Meyer says he has been approached to challenge the Legislature’s new state-funded scholarship.

By LuAnne Schendel May 2019

A prominent Tallahassee attorney says he has been approached about launching a court challenge to the Legislature’s new state-funded scholarship to send students to private schools, reports Jeffrey S. Solochek in “Vouchers ‘fertile ground’ for Florida education lawyers, noted attorney says“ in the Tampa Bay Times.

Ron Meyer, who successfully challenged a similar law more than a decade ago, says he doesn’t expect a decision immediately but contends that “there’s a lot of fertile ground for lawyers on this.” He also doesn’t believe the notion that it’s a sure thing the Florida Supreme Court will deliver a favorable decision for the state just because Gov. Ron DeSantis recently appointed three justices. “To suggest that this is Gov. DeSantis’ court and it will uphold his policies is demeaning to the court,” he says.

Anticipating a lawsuit, the Legislature included $250,000 to cover Department of Education “litigation expenses” in its budget proposal, which the governor has yet to approve.

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