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Accreditation Standard #3.3
School Operates under a Governing Board

The school operates under a governing board that establishes written policies and procedures within a constitution, bylaws, and board manual that provide for the effective operation of the school.

Explanatory Standards (ES)

    1. The board utilizes a policy manual which is consistently kept current and with all board minutes on file in written or electronic format.

    2. The board establishes spiritual qualifications for board membership and consistently adheres to its process for selecting and establishing officers and committees with clearly outlined duties.

    3. The board employs a process by which it delegates executive and administrative functions to the chief administrative officer who is recognized as the head of the school.

    4. The board employs a process that governs the relationship between the board and the chief administrative officer of the school which fosters a relationship that is positive, constructive, and mutually honoring.

    5. The board employs a process by which the Board annually evaluates the chief administrator in a written format.

    6. The board defines clearly, in the case of a church operated/affiliated school, the role and relationship between the pastor and school head, and between the church’s governing board and the school’s governing board, relative to the administration of the school.

    7. The board employs a process that establishes and maintains good communication and mutual respect between the board, the administration, the faculty and staff, the parents, and the students.

    8. The board utilizes a process for strategic and master planning to address the present and future needs of the school.