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Accreditation Standard #4.8
School Addresses Special Needs Assistance

The school implements processes and utilizes personnel necessary to address student learning for those needing special assistance.

Explanatory Standards (ES)

    1. The school makes available academic programs on site or through referral which meet the needs of exceptional children in its enrollment (e.g. SLD, gifted, enhancement, tutorial, etc.)

    2. The school makes available support programs on site or through referral which service students and their families with psychological or behavioral needs (e.g. guidance/counseling, behavioral management, parenting skills training, etc.)

    3. The school provides adequate supervision, when providing an extended day program, and meets all applicable DCF and county requirements, including play, instructional, and rest space and adult to child ratios

    4. The school has a parent organization(s) that provide(s) volunteer services to students, teachers, and administration.