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Accreditation Standard #3.13
Proprietary School Compliance

The proprietary school must comply with all Leadership and Governance standards with some modifications.

Explanatory Standards (ES)

    1. The proprietary school shall not be required to maintain a school board for purposes of governing the school. However, its policy manual must contain processes that are expected of all other member schools to ensure a healthy, professional environment for faculty, support staff, and students, and processes that ensure school and parent relationships that are expected for all other member schools.

    2. The proprietary school may be governed by a board of directors, advisory council, or by the ownership of the school operating under the school’s constitution (or Articles of Incorporation) and by-laws.

    3. The proprietary school shall have Articles of Incorporation that shall be considered the equivalency to by-laws required of non-profit schools for purposes of determining suitability for associate membership and/or accredited membership in CSF.

    4. The proprietary school shall have a proprietor, if not serving as the administrative head, who delegates executive and administrative functions to a chief administrative officer who is recognized as the head of the school. The relationship between the proprietor and the head of school must be strong and open. The proprietor must formally evaluate annually in writing the chief administrator.

    5. The proprietary school shall establish and maintain processes that involve the stake holders of the school in the process for purposes of establishing and maintaining a process for school improvement.