Explanatory Standard: Specific Requirements for Mandatory School Attendance, Instructional Days and Hours, and Awarding High School Credits (Expiring)

The school complies with the Florida Compulsory School Attendance Law which requires the following:

A. A minimum of 170 days; and
B. A minimum of instructional hours for the following grade categories: 1) Kindergarten — 540 hours, 2) Grades 1–3 — 720 hours, 3) Grades 4–12 — 900 hours

(Note: the FLDOE increasingly loosens its interpretation of the law to allow for a multiplicity of delivery systems, including schools offering a blend of classroom, internet, and home education. However, the above instructional hours must be accomplished on the actual school site when a school participates in one of the Florida scholarship programs, i.e. McKay, CTSP, VPK).

There is no state statute regulating minimum instructional hours for awarding high school credit. The rule for public schools in Florida is a minimum of 135 hours of instruction to award one credit. The state university system generally uses the 135 hours definition for evaluating high school credits earned because of that stipulated number of minimum hours for Florida public schools.